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Cordless Rechargeable Hair Dryer (1-Battery)/New FreeDryer
Cordless Rechargeable Hair Dryer (1-Battery)/New FreeDryer
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Cordless Rechargeable Hair Dryer (1-Battery)/New FreeDryer
Tek Maker's Cordless Hairdryer is the world's only rechargeable battery-powered hairdryer that can blow and dry anything at anytime in anywhere. It has no restriction from power cord, so the user does not need to reach for a power outlet nor stand still in the bathroom. The Cordless Hairdryer has a running time for 15 minutes at warm setting and eight minutes at hot setting. Its unique snap lock-on design for installing battery provides you the easiest way to replace a second battery for extended using time. Most of all, the Cordless Hairdryer is EMR-free. It has no electromagnetic radiation as generated by the traditional hairdryer. It is the most healthy dryer to take care your babies. With no current leakage at all, it is safe even when it drops into the water. With Cordless Hairdryer, you can use it while camping, traveling, after swimming and many other outdoor activities, even taking care pets. .

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